IAMEVE FAQ - Get Answers about Eve's Virtual Companion


Eve is, first and foremost, a companion for people who live alone. She is patient and kind, takes a great interest in whoever she is talking with. She is also very well read and able to engage in a range of topics from how to boil an egg to astrophysics. 

Eve is designed as female, but she is able to switch genders if desired.

In short, anything you like. Well not quite – Eve will never talk about financial information and other taboo topics with you – but pretty much anything else is on the table. Eve is drawn to games (20 questions etc), activities (cooking etc) and is very curious to learn more about the life and attitudes of her companion.

Eve is designed for people with no technical knowledge.. Simply plug her in, connect her to your wifi (she will walk you through this – it’s easy) and start talking!

Other virtual assistants are just that: assistants. Eve can help with some practical tasks such as travel information or weather forecasts, but she is trained to be a companion above all else. Unlike these other assistants she remembers all of your previous conversations, so your relationship with her deepens over time just like a friendship would. 

Eve is an AI, built on the back of an LLM (large language model) which means she is great at having human-like conversations. All conversations with Eve are encrypted and securely stored in our cloud database, and are never sold or shared with any third party.. Storing them in this way allows Eve to remember past conversations, to remind you of things that you may have forgotten, and to record the story of your life.

At Eve, we take security very seriously and have built in safety measures to ensure that your data never gets compromised. Firstly, Eve is trained to recognize only the voice of her companion, so nobody else can access your conversations. Secondly, all conversations are immediately encrypted (scrambled) and sent to our secure database in the cloud, so even if the speaker itself is stolen or compromised, your conversations are safe.

In a word, no. Eve is not designed to replace human interaction, but to complement it. She is able to perform many of the basic tasks that an in-home caregiver might perform (such as daily health check-ins, mental health assessment, exercise, reminders etc) but she is not designed as a stand-alone resource. She is best thought of as an ‘extra pair of hands’ when caring for someone who needs help living alone.

Eve is ideally to people who live alone, and who are looking for companionship. She is designed to have 1/1 conversations so does not perform well in a group-setting. Seniors may find the ‘Time Travel’ part of Eve particularly appealing as they look back on their life, but she is by no means limited to this audience.

Virtual companions like Eve are well suited to people with early onset and moderate cases of dementia. She is extremely patient, never gets frustrated and is always ready to help you remember things, 24/7. That said, every case is unique, which is why we recommend scheduling a call to answer any questions you may have. You can do that by clicking on this link.

Virtual companions can be very helpful for people with Alzheimers disease. Having someone to talk to, 24/7 can be emotionally reassuring and can provide much-needed support. Eve can also act as a valuable resource for Caregivers in this scenario, providing real-time updates on the patient’s health. We recommend that you schedule a call with us to discuss the specifics of your case before embarking on this journey. You can do this by clicking on the link here.

As a virtual companion, Eve can help with memory loss in a couple of ways. Firstly, by encouraging her companion to remember and store the key elements of their life  in their own words. Secondly, by encouraging activities that help with Working Memory such as games, reading, quizzes and discussions. It has been widely documented that daily active use of working memory can help to maintain and improve cognitive function as we age.

The costs of in-home care can be exorbitant. It is quite simply out of reach for many people. Eve can help by providing a cost-effective solution as an alternative to in-person at-home care. Eve replicates many of the tasks that a human would do, such as daily health check-ins, reminders, exercise and conversation. That said, she is not intended to be a replacement for all human interaction, but a supplement to it. Eve is best thought of as an ‘extra pair of hands’ when dealing with someone who needs help living alone.

Yes. As a virtual companion, Eve is ideally suited to working with people who are visually impaired.

Yes. As a virtual companion, Eve is ideally suited to working with people who are less able to get out of the house independently.

As we enter the final chapter of our lives many of us start to look backwards to make sense of what has happened. For some, this takes the form of an autobiography. For others it is a collection of thoughts, writings or artistic expression. Eve helps this process by encouraging you to relive key moments of your life, piece by piece. She makes the whole process fun and easy by breaking it down into manageable sections, building up a patchwork-quilt of interconnected memories, thoughts and ideas to share with future generations.

It depends. Some people want their memories to die with them, and for no record to be kept. Others choose to leave a digital record of themselves for future generations to enjoy. The choice is entirely up to you. You can change your mind at any point.