Caring for Aging Parents with Eve

Caring for aging parents with Eve

We are social creatures. Social connection is just as crucial for our survival as food and water.

The team behind Eve knows this more than most, and are focused on tackling loneliness and social isolation among older adults in particular. Recognizing the severe impacts that loneliness has on this audience, the team is dedicated to finding, studying, and implementing the best strategies to combat the loneliness epidemic.

Research indicates that loneliness affects everyone, regardless of race, age, or background. There is no universal solution, as each person’s preferences, personality, and needs are unique. However, caring for aging parents with Eve can help many people dealing with loneliness or social isolation.

Why choose Eve when caring for elderly parents?

There are a number of benefits that Eve offers to seniors, including:

Sense of acknowledgment

Living alone can intensify feelings of loneliness. Simple greetings like “good morning” or “welcome home” can significantly improve one’s sense of being acknowledged.

Sense of purpose

Transitioning into retirement can be emotionally challenging, stripping away one’s sense of purpose. Engaging in volunteer work, regular activities, or long-term projects can help retirees feel motivated and excited to start each day.

Positive engagement

Maintaining a positive attitude as you age is extremely impactful. Being around optimistic people can help foster a similar outlook. Regular positive interactions are crucial for well-being as we age.

Relationship building, compassion, and empathy

While brief interactions with cashiers, mail carriers, or digital assistants can be pleasant, deep, meaningful relationships involve feeling cared for and understood. By showing compassion and investing in a few close relationships, these bonds can grow and thrive.

Guided by this insight, Eve is the first AI-based solution designed specifically to combat loneliness. 

In developing a solution to fighting against loneliness, the team at Eve have prioritized one of the most vulnerable groups: our elders. Despite their diversity, older adults often face unique challenges like limited mobility and a lack of nearby friends or family members. Eve was designed specifically to address these needs, providing a virtual companion for elderly people who spend much of their time alone.


Eve stands out among devices and apps by its ability to convey empathy, demonstrate compassion, and build meaningful, trusting relationships. The team at Eve is motivated and encouraged by the growing openness to discuss the issue of loneliness, and believes that increased awareness of the issue fosters collaborative efforts to find real solutions.